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Tall Paul's Pickles from Steve Julin on Vimeo.

Tall Paul’s Pickles LLC is making dill pickles with a kick in Michigan. The fresh ingredients, attention to detail and spicy unique flavor have created a demand for Tall Paul’s Pickles throughout Southern and Northern Michigan. Our mission is to produce the best tasting gourmet pickles with the freshest quality ingredients for our customers to enjoy. Like us on Facebook for all the latest happenings in and around the Ann Arbor area and Great Lakes State.

jar of Tall Paul's pickles pickles in a basket pickles 3 jars of Tall Paul's pickles

What Our Customers Think


You got a great product. The taste is superior to the McClures in a back to back test. I like the fact that the taste is consistent on each bite and there is kind of a sweetness to them as well. I really enjoy them.

You made a convert. Where to you currently have them for sale?