A Tall Tale Of Pickles

Tall Pauls Pickles

Our Story- The name fits! Ever since he was a young boy Paul was always taller than every other kid. He grew up in suburban Detroit with 3 siblings and a passion for sports and vegetables. Green beans were always his favorite with Pickles being a close second, especially his mother’s homemade crock dills. “I still remember going to get fresh cukes with my Mom from the roadside farm stand on 9 mile road in Farmington Michigan every summer” says Paul. It wasn’t until he was 17 years old and 6’ 7” tall that Paul started canning pickles with his Auntie Geri in Greenbrier Arkansas to whom he owes his success, this was an old family recipe handed down by his great Grandmother to her which includes lots of dill and a special “kick”. He had never had spicy pickles before making these but instantly they became the pickle of choice in his family’s home.

At the age of 21 and 6’ 10” tall, Paul was in college and still canning pickles every summer so he could have his crunchy like snacks for the whole year (usually about 15 jars), the only problem was his roommate (Jeff) and fraternity brothers took a liking to these spicy treats and began eating more than their share thus causing Paul to make more Pickles. He started canning enough to share and give away as birthday and holiday gifts.

Cucumber Field

Fast forward 20 years…Still 6’10’’ tall and now married with two children and a cockapoo named “Pickles”, Paul resides just outside of Ann Arbor in the small town of Manchester where they have land to grow fresh cucumbers and the tallest dill weed you’ll ever see. Encouraged by his golfing buddies and a demand for more than 150 jars a year, Paul started Tall Paul's Pickles LLC. In 2013, over 500 jars were canned and the branded company logo with signature red Jalapeno apostrophe was created. Customers love the kick and use the leftover brine to make other pickled favorites or a great Bloody Mary. Some customers even eat the peppers and garlic too!

Now 2014, they’ve moved their operation to the west side of Ann Arbor. Their goal this year is to process over 30,000 jars available for retail and wholesale markets including Knight’s Restaurants and Tippins Market in Ann Arbor/Jackson, MI and Post Bar in Plymouth, MI.