Customer's Testimonials

Tall Paul's Pickles has many satisfied customers in Ann Arbor, Michigan and beyond. We want to share what they’ve said about us with you. Check back on this page frequently for updates.

“Hello, I tried your pickles for the very first time and they are so good. I love pickles and these rank up there with being the best. I can't wait until I order more. Thanks for such a great product.; - Connie”

“I’m so excited! I just got 3 new jars. I can’t wait for my Tall Paul Pickle Bloody Mary at tomorrow’s U of M tailgate!”

“I’ve never tried spicy pickles before and I wasn’t sure if I would like them, but they are delicious and unique! Grocery store pickles cannot compare.”

“I met Paul and he was so friendly! He quickly accommodated my large order request for a barbeque. Everyone at the party devoured this healthy snack.”

“I enjoy wearing my Tall Paul's Pickles t-shirt and love to talk about it when people ask. This is a truly unique business in Ann Arbor that brings an element of local culture to many.”